Another level?

So tonight I found out my old roomie and friend since kindergarten will be moving in with his girlfriend in the new year.  All I could do was shame him for allowing things to go to “the next level”.  I mocked that it was bad enough that his twin had gotten married this summer and our other long time buddy got married last summer, now he’s allowing things to progress too?  I like harassing him that he’s next.  While he swears otherwise, I maintain that actions speak louder then words.

The topic came up in conversation with my present roomie and he mentioned to me something similar.  What is it with people and moving to the next level?  I’m at that stage in my life where friends are getting married, people are moving in together and relationships progress.  I’m just left wondering how it is that I’m being left behind. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly in no rush for change in my life.  I’ve gotten quite used to things the way they are, I love my sports, I love my freedom and I’m very happy to keep it that way.  I’m just a little sorry to keep losing my friends to couple-dom.  Maybe I’m selfish, but it seems to be getting harder to keep guys around that I can just chill with and I fear it’s gonna just get worse.  Sure I make new friends, but it seems to be a recurring cycle.  I’ve got friends that swear they’re not going anywhere, then they meet some girl and off they go, I see them less, I’ve gotta fight to get time just to hang out, and change, whether I like it or not, comes anyways.

I guess it’s just a part of transitioning from that age of being a child to being more of an adult.  Its a little disappointing to have to grow up so soon, even though, as much as you’d like to delay it, sometimes your friends are the ones that show you that realistically, change is inevitable, no matter how much you want to prevent it.

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