Blogging really brings a bit of perspective

So I’m still getting going when it comes to posting material on this blog.  I’ve noted a couple people have checked it out, including old friends.  I’m beginning to see where having a blog may serve as a great means to keep in touch with people and let them know what I’m up to.

A buddy of mine started his own blog months ago which got me more interested in starting my own.  He was heading off to a small remote island (even more remote then Bermy) in Scotland to study the behavior of goats (ya, we cracked a few jokes over that).  Even though it was an odd and kind of random choice, it’s been really amazing to track his progress as he left the University we both used to attend, to travel to another part of the world and live a life that is completely different from my own.

Getting the chance to gain some perspective on the life a friend is living far away is really kind of cool.  Somehow everything worked out amazing for him despite the risks he took in the uncertainty of how it’d work out and if this research project would be the ticket for him to get into the program he wanted to.  He met a great girl, which is something I never would have guessed and he’s now moved on to doing a masters program in behavioral science, something he’d dreamed of doing.

I can only imagine how blogs and other forms of media will impact the world as time goes by.  The chance to look in on the lives of people all around the world and gain just a little bit of insight into seeing how others are making the most of themselves, truly is incredible.

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