How small is Bermuda?

It’s kind of funny how here in Bermuda, we often forget how tiny and unrecognizeable we really are.

All too often when trying to do business with companies from abroad, Bermuda is incorrectly categorized as part of Latin America.  Bermuda has nothing to do with Latin America however, we’re on a completely different time zone and very few of us are able to speak spanish.

This morning’s example is a great one.  I’m sitting on hold with Trend Micro trying to recieve some support on them recognizing Bermuda as actually existing.  See, my company purchased some products from a reseller of theirs and in order to register the product to recieve the activation code, you need to fill out an online form.  The issue, however, is that their online form doesn’t have “Bermuda” listed, and thus, we don’t exist.

I’ve now been transferred through 3 different people in the company who keep bouncing my call as nobody seems sure of what to do about it. 

If anything, it’s kind of amusing, but it does go to show how unrecognized Bermuda really is.  Trying to achieve reseller agreements for products can be incredibly pain as some companies won’t support or even distribute their products to our island.

Ah the joys of living on a 21 sq mile rock in the middle of the Atlantic.

So, the result of my support call to Trend?  Well after being transferred 3 times and spending nearly 20 minutes on hold…  they cut me off.  I suppose they’re really concerned about the loss of business from Bermuda, all whopping 60,000 of us.

I laugh at the prospect that some hold the false belief that we’re going to be able to survive on an international stage if we go independent.  If I can’t even manage to be recognized by a company I want to give my money to, how in the world are foreign countries beyond the US and Canada actually going to care if I have trouble trying to visit their country.  Somehow I suspect it’ll be much the same as trying to register a product.

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