Kitesurfing this week

I wanted to make a quick mention of kitesurfing activities this week.  Last nights outing at Elbow was quite enjoyable, the wind was up from the SW and a bunch of guys made it out after work.

It made for a few great runs, up until I spotted a school of 2-3 foot long fish jumping out of the water not far from where I was.  The instant thought in my mind?  Anything that makes a 3 foot fish jump sure as hell isn’t something I wanna be anywhere near.  I’ll have to admit, it’s one of the fastest I’ve ever boarded as I got out of the water about as quick as I could.

Nothing appeared to happen and there didn’t seem to be much risk.  I’ve never seen any sharks out at elbow, but considering it was dusk, hard to see and likely around feeding time, I wasn’t keen to take any chances.

Kitesurfing for this week?  Likely the rest of it will be up at Daniel’s Head in Somerset considering the tremendous wind.  Winter is finally here!



This afternoon In: 3-5ft Out: 8-12ft WNW  25-35 kts

This evening In: 3-5ft Out: 9-14ft WNW  25-35 kts



The rest of the week: 

Wednesday In: 3-4ft Out: 8-14ft WNW 20-30 kts

Thursday In: 2-3ft Out: 8-12ft NW 20-25 kts

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2 thoughts on “Kitesurfing this week

  1. I’ve seen one small, teeny shark off of Elbow quite some years back when I was snorkelling. They hang out off the sewage pipe that heads out towards the Pollock Shields wreck apparently…
    …that being said, I did a few dives on P.S. and didn’t never really saw a thing.

  2. Probably a baracuda, or an amba… yet, being in the water off the South Shore around dusk is probably not such a good idea.
    There are sharks out there, this is for damn sure.

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