Kitesurfing today…


Unfortunately, last nights wind didn’t pan out, so kitesurfing didn’t happen. 

Today, however, was a different story.  With approximately 20 knot winds from the south throughout the day, kitesurfing proved quiet enjoyable.  The waves were a bit choppy going out, yet coming back in it was a bit more smooth.  The crowd of local kitesurfers were seemingly out in full force, with some 20 or so who appears to partake in the activities through the run of the day.

Quite thankfully, the beach was relatively empty which made for a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.  Kitesurfers hit the waves, pulled a few tricks and took the occasional breather to lie back and socialize on the beach.

Scott showed off his skill at pulling 360s due to his realisation that kite control was alot better on a smaller kite.  Simon did his usual and went for grabbing high air.  Dave, Martin and Garth worked on their jumps, occasionally trying for spins and air tricks. 

Overall it was quite the day.  It was great to get out, ride the waves a bit and, occasionally when you needed to, take a breather and watch some of the guys pull tricks.

It’s good to know winter wind is on it’s way and soon there will be nearly empty beaches and a mini paradise for local kitesurfers.

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1 thought on “Kitesurfing today…

  1. Hi denis,
    sounds like your ripping it up,,just a quick question,,, im selling my kites and equipment 8 m 12m nemesis best ,130 icon board,bar and lines fith line addition attached for relaunch and aslo small harnish all in mint condition do you know of any body that would like to purchace it, im asking 1400 for all, mabey you can ask simon aswell he knows who i am… cheers a bunch and keep up the good work. love and light…

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