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So I’ve finally decided to get my act in gear and launch a blog site on my own domain.  I’m still in the process of tweaking the look and feel as I need to get a digital camera to update a few things.  I’ll try to make some regular posts to get the site going. 

The basic purpose of this blog will be to showcase my thoughts on relationships, Bermuda Politics, technology and whatever else I think of .  I’ve got a few articles I’ve written regarding Bermuda’s political scene so the content shouldn’t be too bare for long.

Bear with me while the site is coming live.

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2 thoughts on “Launch of

  1. Gilrs don’t have to be ‘into you’ for you to enjoy spending a bit of time with them. Sometimes, it takes a bit of effort before a person really wakes up and takes note of a potential soul mate.
    Best to mindful – enjoy the moment with out any expectations – cupid has a few secrets and time can be the key to unlocking them.

  2. I’m actually likely to have an article in the Sun next week outlining exactly that.
    I’ve learned the benefit of focusing on living your life first and foremost and realising that if you live your life and are happy, women find you.

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