So much for holding out

Today’s paper clearly identified that the likely 3rd horse in the race and favorite for many, our Minister of Finance, Paula Cox, won’t be entering.  I’d have to say, of the three seen as contenders, she certainly would have been my choice.  Her decision to stay on the sidelines and back Alex Scott is an interesting one.

I can’t say I’m a large fan of Alex Scott.  I don’t see him as a man of the people and more of a social recluse then anything.  I’ve seen more of him being driven around in his fancy car with the Bermudian flag at the front then I’ve seen him out amongst the people.  He’s been much to behind the scenes for my liking.  Beyond that, I cannot forgive him for placing Burch anywhere within cabinet, especially his recent appointment at the helm of tourism.

Today’s paper brings a new perspective, one that lends strength to alot of speculation that I’ve heard, that the PLP is a heavily divided party.  I’ve been hearing it for quite some time now, but never before have I heard it publically ratified.  Hearing that the PLP is heavily divided certainly helps explain their heavy failure to really accomplish much of anything over the past few years.  It’s quite disheartening really, for they could have done so much as they were considered to be a party of salvation for the Bermudian people and yet, the legacy they’ve left thus far is one of the same corruption, complacency and lack of putting Bermudians ahead of politicians that the UBP holds.

It’s disappointing to know that the PLP has spent more time fighting amongst themselves then actually trying to do whats in the best interests of Bermuda.  For that matter, my support is leaning towards the UBP because at least they seem to be, for lack of a better word, united while the PLP continually appears to be far from progressive.

The editorial in today’s Gazette outlines an interesting perspective.  Stating that

“To be sure, Bermuda‚Äôs politicians are nothing if not flexible, and it may be that the winner of the vote will be able to assemble majority of MPs in order to form a Government. If Mr. Scott wins, Ms Cox will be crucial in doing that, given her own strong reputation.
If Dr. Brown wins, it may be that a large minority of PLP stalwarts will wash their hands of the party.”

Having a “large minority of PLP stalwarts” walk out on the party would be my ideal scenario.  More then anything I would love to see a new party created which can pressure both the PLP and UBP into dissolving so that we can get beyond the constant Black vs. White bickering and actually forge ahead with what is best for all Bermudians, not just one group or the other.

Alas, I highly doubt that is a likely scenario, but I suppose one can in the least dream.

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