What has our Premier been smoking?

Watching a short snippet of tonight’s news, I found myself going against my own traditional grain of thought by being in support of drug testing for our politicians, just so I could know what in the world it is that Alex Scott has been smoking. 

When speaking about the upcoming delegates conference, our Premier was on television suggesting that if he wins, it will showcase the PLP as “We are mature, we are democratic and we are transparent”.  I found myself shocked by this suggestion.  Forcing constituencies to vote as blocks doesn’t seem overly democratic.

It’s too bad I missed the early part of the broadcast, for I would have liked to have had more of a context in which to voice myself.  From everything I’ve seen in the past few years, the PLP, in regards to running our government, have been far from mature, such as having to rely on racial rhetoric to deflect the people away from the real issues.  The PLP have been far from democratic, such as when more of the electorate supported a referendum on independence then voted the PLP in in the first place, yet they “didn’t know what they were signing”. Finally, the PLP have been far from transparent, having allowed $800 million to go unaccounted for, only to turn around and disable the Auditor General’s office so that he can’t actually account for it.

I’m sorry Mr. Premier, but I have to say that if I had a vote in the upcoming delegates conference, my vote would not be for you.  Where in the world do you figure the PLP is mature, democratic and transparent?  Well sure, you’ve talked about it.  Just like you’ve ‘talked’ about every other issue.  But my dear Premier, actions speak louder then words.

By contrast, I’m not sure what to think of our Deputy Premier Dr. Brown.  I’ve heard many people make dire forecasts of him in a potential premiership, however, having met him in person, I have not seen true evidence of his “other side”, though I’ve seen very little of him.  I can’t say I’m pleased with his racially based comments, nor his failure to admit what he spent in Dubai.  Dr Brown, I wish you’d realize that I don’t care what you spend, as long as your open about it and in the end you produce results.  If so, go stay in ‘7 star’ hotels till your heart’s content.  Your racial rhetoric and lack of transparency is what makes me doubt you, not your taste for personalized monogrammed shirts and caviar.

What I have seen, is that our Premier has failed over the last 4 years.  He was to be the man who could unite the two camps within the PLP.  He has not been able to do so.  He was a man who would bring great change to our island, yet he has not done so.  He has, unfortunately, spent more time spouting rhetoric about how independence will solve all our problems as opposed to putting in the time and effort necessary to actually solve them.

Don’t mistake me as a fan of Dr. Brown, however.  I’m not sure what to expect of his leadership.  I can say that I do admire his action, though I disagree with his policies with regards to tourism.  I, like others, can admit that at least he’s doing something, and that’s a hell of a lot more then could be said about many of our politicians.  If anything, it seems our island is in need of some kind of action.  We cannot afford to sit idly by, coasting along like we have for some time now.  We, very simply, will not survive for much longer if we do.

Who do you think you’d vote for if you could?  I can’t say I’d vote for Dr. Brown, for I’m not yet decided on which stance to take, I just know I’m tired of Alex Scott.  With 3 days left before the delegates conference, it seems doubtful we’ll have another horse enter the race.  I’m ready to hold out my final opinion for one, but my hopes diminish with each day that it will appear.

I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t have a vote, for I’d probably choose to abstain anyway.

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