A bit of a break

Over the last couple weeks I havn’t been contributing to my blog site as much as I would have liked.  There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of things to write about but between negotiating a move to a new job, soon moving to a new place and the couple side projects I’ve got on the go.


So we’ve seen a great wrath of topics come forth over the past couple weeks.  From having witnessed one of Bermuda’s largest schools close due to mold problems known about for months, the election of a new Premier, hushed supposed charity funding scandals from our new ‘first lady’ equivalent, the yearly throne speech and of course, Rugby week, it certainly hasn’t been to slow as of late on this tiny little rock.


Let’s start with Cedarbridge shall we?  Is anyone else shocked at the complacency of Bermudians for accepting that this known issue could go unresolved and unaddressed until now?   Should it really come as a surprise that the words proactive and government can’t successfully be used in the same sentance, especially when ‘education’ is thrown into the mix?  I think history speaks for itself in that regards.


So we’ve got a new Premier who seems to have worked hard to cast himself as a ‘man of action’.  I’m still not really certain what to think with regards to if he’ll actually achieve much more then his predecessors, though time certainly will tell.  I can certainly admit that Dr. Brown is a much better PR man then our former ‘master of spin’ Premier, whose only spin could be likened to those which involve an enflamed plane plummeting from the sky. 


What can be said of Dr. Brown thus far?  Well I know that the fast ferry’s were originally instigated by the UBP, so for people to stake claim on this one is a bit of a grey area.  I’m still waiting on the improvement GPS is supposed to have on the taxis.  I’ve realised it’s nothing more then a digital replacement for a radio, nothing really new there.  I would have liked mapping (you’d be surprised how difficult it is for taxi drivers to figure out which tribe road you’re referring to), or in the least, some auto routing technology for shared rides, but alas.


So how about those discount airlines?  Well I’m not even certain these are good for Bermuda.  When I worked in tourism it was clear that Bermuda can’t compete on price, so dicount airlines simply targets the wrong tourist market – Bermudians looking to go abroad or have friends visit.  Besides this, nobody seems to be able to tell me what it actually cost us to get the airlines to come here.  Are we subsudizing them?  If so, how much?


We could jump right on the supposed Music Festival scandal, though, considering the coincidental timing of the letter with the election of our new Premier, I am not surprised that the BIU decided to distance itself from it.


There is alot that can be said about the Throne Speech, which might be surprising, because despite it’s length, there wasn’t a whole lot said.  There were quite a few ‘what will be done’ but few ‘hows’.  Judging by the track record of promises made in past throne speeches, it is hard to discern how this one will be different.  Unfortunately that commentary will have to wait for another post, so I suppose we’ll see what comes of all this change.

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