Once again I am back amongst the free, able to do as I please.  My time in recruit camp at the Bermuda Regiment has come to a close and along with it, I have regained a sense of freedom after having lived a relatively restricted in dictated life for the last two weeks.

Over the coming weeks I shall be writing some of my thoughts on what camp was like from the perspective of a recruit, reliving some of the experiences and sharing some of my thoughts on the Bermuda Regiment as a whole.  I have tried to approach the experience with an open mind leaving my predispositions outside the gates prior to entering.  There is little doubt that I will have both positive and negative things to say and hopefully will offer a different perspective for those who will have to live through similar experiences in the future.

While of course some may not like what I have to say, I still do believe in my freedom to say it, for otherwise would indicate that freedom of speech does not exist in our great country.

For now I can be thankful and appreciative to have regained my freedom.  While having lived two weeks being told when to eat, sleep, do and where to do it, regaining the ability to think and choose for oneself is something I have gained a whole level of appreciation for.

Stay tuned for more.

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