A casino?

“Southlands developer: We would welcome a casino” is the title of an interesting article in yesterday’s gazette.

Could this be a planted question based on a historically controversial subject that will stir up discussion and sell papers?  If so, how much of a factor will the religious community play this time around in attacking the very nature of any gambling other then church sanctioned bingo? 

Could it be a seed planted by the developer having come to the island with a preconception that a casino could (or would) be a part of their hotel?  Will Premier Brown announce that we’re going to get a ‘Special Development Order’ style change in legislature to allow for a casino and woo the people into going along with the project?

Beyond all of these questions, one question will undoubtedly rise to the top. 

Should we have a casino?

For that question, which is most important? 

  • The answer to the question?
  • How the question is asked?  
  • Who answers it?
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