One Laptop Per Child

I am quite amazed by the launch of the One Laptop Per Child project who’s aim is to empower every youth in undeveloped countries with access to the best education possible.  By equipping children with laptops, mesh based internet connectivity and the ability to make class sessions collaborative.  By tapping into open knowledge based resources such as open source software and online open book projects technology access to open source software and open book/textbook projects like google books.  It is incredible how movements are being made to empower every child around the world with such technology at their fingertips.

I can’t help but compare this to our own predicament regarding education.  We have a 48% graduation rate and “60 percent of the Island’s 16- to 25-year-olds do not have adequate literacy skills for a modern, knowledge-based society.”  This amounts to quite a crisis on our hands and we’re struggling to figure out what has been a worsening trend for years.  We live in a society who’s lone major industry is heavily based upon knowledge capital and, as such, in order to compete we need to stay at the top of ability in terms of technology.  I would have much rathered to have seen us spend $15 million equipping every child with a laptop, internet connectivity and collaborative/interactive schooling programs then spending it on a football team. 

I guess I’m still bummed that we’ve spent $26 million in two years on sports and my generation is still in the dark when it comes to a leg up in a increasingly demanding world.

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3 thoughts on “One Laptop Per Child

  1. Hay Bi ,
    I need you assisitance and or help .
    would you happem to have the information ,
    for the budget that the govt spends on education , the last few years ?????
    Also the number of students that are 12th grade educated each year , or where i might find the information ????
    THE COMPUTOR AND THE TUTIOR , in iterests me very much.
    kindest regards,

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