Only 157 weeks of conscription to go

Today marks week 7 of my time in the regiment and this weekend shall be our first weekend camp.  Thus far I can’t say that I’m enjoying the experience nor looking forward to either tonights session or this weekend’s. 

I have had full intentions of writing more about the experience however was asked by the mid ocean news to do an interview on it which took up a great deal of the time I’d hoped to dedicate.   Subsequently, the feature has been postponed a number of times and in typical fashion of when I’ve dealt with the Royal Gazette feedback is limited and I really have no idea whats going on.  Worst case I’ll just start copying my responses here.

I can appreciate the need for the Regiment in some cases though there are still many things about it that I question.  There seems to be alot of reference to it being a resource to guard against terrorist attacks which I find puzzling.  It is hard for me to concieve any scenario where an outside terrorist group would have interest in terrorizing our island.  I figure it is quite a bit more likely that if any terrorism scenario were to occur, it would be under the guise of Bermudians terrorizing Bermudians.  At which point I question the benefit of conscripting unwilling young Bermudians into the Regiment to teach us army warfare tactics and provide us with the knowledge of weapon and explosive caches around the island, some left over from the US bases that were here.  This detail was considerably bothersome to me for I have zero idea why we have kept around explosive caches left from the US base.

Learning camoflauging tactics itself and the fact that we’re an army on an island surrounded by hundreds of miles of water in all directions is a bit counter intuitive.  The justification of our camoflauge is that it helps provide a recognizeable uniform and demonstration of organized force in the event of guarding key points around the island and taking on any would be attackers.  This seems odd as given what we’re taught our camoflauge uniforms would be most beneficial in giving us the opportunity to take advantage of shrubbery peppered around the island and along roadways as a means to conceal ourselves in the event that we needed to.  At which point I again wonder about whether such uniforms would lend itself more to waging war with our own people then foreign invaders, but I suppose I’ve got 3 years and 2 months to figure out what the real reasons are for it.

So, 7 weeks are nearly gone and only 157 weeks to go.  It’d definately going to be a long 3 years to get this legally conscripted requirement to serve over with.

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