Premier Brown: Do the ‘honourable’ thing

It is really incredible to watch as the tables have turned on our little island.  What the UBP is constantly accused of once doing, the PLP is reenacting.  The recent row over Canadian expatriot worker Curtis Macleod is one of many growing examples of where the PLP has begun to abuse it’s power in an unjust way.

In a recent column in The Royal Gazette, the individual responsible for the extradition of Mr. Macleod, MP George Scott is quoted as having said “People should have no fear if they comply with the laws of this country.”  To this I ask, what law did Mr. Macleod break exactly?

Mr. Scott continues, “Every case has its own specific issues and the average person should not be concerned…”  Does anyone else take this comment as an insult?  Mr. Scott seems to have forgotten that his job is to act as a representative of the people acting in our best interests, not acting as a dictator in doing what is clearly in his best interests and not ours.

9 out of 10 people questioned refused to give their names for the aforementioned article.  Does this not imply that the people have become afraid of speaking out out of fear of retributions from our government?  The only one who did only did so because he is old and retired.  Is this kind of fear of speaking out freely not very similar to that which the UBP has been continuously condemned for having done so during their rule?

Mr. Scott proclaims that “Everyone has freedom of speech. The Bermudian Industrial Union fought for it,”.  The article goes on to suggest that “while he felt people needed to exercise ‘self control’ over what they say, ‘people should be able to speak out without fear of the consequences'”.

This is one Bermudian who is ready to test Mr. Scott’s claims.  Unless it can be proven that Mr. Macleod broke the laws of our country then I call on all Bermudians to stand up for our right to freedom of speech by demanding that our Premier Dr. Brown earns his ‘honourable’ title by requesting that Mr. Scott tender his resignation for disrespecting the people of Bermuda with his actions.

To do anything but is a guarantee that this present government is surely no better then our last.

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1 thought on “Premier Brown: Do the ‘honourable’ thing

  1. Thank goodness for young people like yourself who are willing to speak out about the constant use of intimidation, threats and racial rhetoric by the current administration. I am bemused by the lack of reaction by the general public. Do Bermudians really see these actions as justified ‘payback’? How can anyone expect this kind of attitude to improve the quality of life and racial harmony in Bermuda?
    I strongly believe that our current government leaders in the guise of Dr. Brown and Ms. Cox are unconcerned about the average man in the street – but only in satifying their own over-inflated egos and their own personal agendas (whatever they may be).
    They should be reminded that public office is a way of offering service to the community and is not meant to be purely self-serving.

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