Apparent Club Med Resolution

Over at the PLP youth blog there’s a mention that Club Med squatters registered with BHC are going to be moved to the vacant staff quarters at Wyndham.  This is quite a reasonable solution and certainly should work for the time being assuming the Wyndham staff quarters are in ok shape.  If this is an idea that Col. Burch came up with I can see some value in why people think he gets things done though things would be much better off if he could cool down that fiery tongue he has when dealing with criticism.  Criticism is a part of politics and I’m not fond of attacking the opposition simply because they’re opposing something.

Until a plan is known, how is anyone not supposed to be critical of a vision only a handful of people can see?  There are few who want to go back to the days of blindly following government whereever they care to lead us so sharing more of the plan would certainly go a long way in helping calm our fears.

In terms of housing overall, I’d like a better idea of what the long term plan is to deal with any growth prospects.  The proposed developments for the coming year may or may not be enough to compensate with the lack of present supply, however it won’t balance things for long if we continue to see rapid growth as we have over the past few years.

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