While reading the Keynote Address from the 8th Annual Microsoft West Indies Government Conference I noticed a mention of the website which I thought was really slick.  Government has done a very good job at taking the land valuation site and improving it with satellite data.  This is something I’d mentioned to the Minister of Telecom a year ago and either the ministry was already working on it or they took my advice.  Either way, I’m pleased to see the new map site with added detail.

I’m hoping we shall soon see road construction/closures noted on the map so that people can see where and for how long specific routes will be affected. 

It would also be tremendous if they were to overlay real time traffic modeling on top of this kind of GIS mapping so one could begin to get an idea of how traffic design and congestion affects the roadways at different times of the day.

It would also be cool to copy the concept and overlay crime data on top of this style map.  Construction projects currently underway would be another one.

A true homerun would be to create an open API for people to tap into and build their own overlay’s, such as listing tourism activities, event locations, things to do, etc.

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  1. Sure, so does and google maps is close as well.
    Rather than trying to consolodate efforts we have at least 4 different mapping providers for a 21 square mile island.
    Does it make much sense?

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