BEST Demonstration Tomorrow

The Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce will be putting on a demonstration early tomorrow morning outside of Southlands to demarcate the length of the proposed southlands tunnel.  Details below:

Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST)

How long will the tunnel be?
Members of BEST have frequently been asked “How long is the tunnel at Southlands going to be?” We have decided to provide an answer in real life, in real time. To achieve this, members of BEST will assemble with placards on the verge of the South Road to mark out, to the best of our ability, just where the Southlands “land bridge” or tunnel will begin and end.

This vigil will take place Tuesday morning (20th March) during the morning commute. Placards will be in place by 7 am and continue until the morning commute subsides.

There will be no disruption of traffic, or trespass onto the Southlands site. The purpose of the vigil is merely to bring to the public’s attention how much of South Shore Road will be diverted underground.

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