Brown to Bermudians: Fend for yourselves

Dr. Brown’s Comments from the recent parliamentary session

“It’s important to understand what happens to people in a welfare state. I have lived in the US and seen what happens when people have their entrepreneurial spirits and ability to self-sustain taken away from them because the state came in to provide for them. We don’t want that and we are not going to have that in Bermuda.”

Is the PLP sounding less progressive and less like a ‘labour party’ with each passing day?

Heaven forbid government makes the right strides to provide adequate education, for that would be a vicious attack on our people’s ‘ entrepreneurial spirits’ considering how effective of an entrepreneur you can be if you’re illiterate.  Why shouldn’t we curse those 583 on BHC’s housing waiting list, their ‘ entrepreneurial sprit’ should find themselves shack’s and shanties to live in shouldn’t they?   A box on the street would be more adequate housing, apparently, as they certainly shouldn’t be paying illegally to live in club med due to the harsh realities of how bad the housing crisis truly is. 

I’d better break out my Regiment poncho and set up a bivy (for those non-conscripts out there, that’s an impromptu tent made out of a poncho) and live under that for certainly it would be too much to expect apartments and housing that Bermudians could actually afford to rent let alone buy.  Wouldn’t that be a character building exercise worthy of rejuvenating my ‘ entrepreneurial spirits’ and meeting Dr. Brown’s expectations of the state doing nothing for the individual out of fear that they’d lose the ability to help themselves?

What happened to the state taking care of the basic needs of all individuals?  Is the intention of the ‘new Bermuda’ under the leadership of Dr. Brown to make us even more capitalistic and move us towards an “every man for himself” style of anarchy?  By no means am I suggesting I want to see Bermuda enter a form of communist state but the sheer basic liberties of great (not good, not mediocre, but great) education, good healthcare and adequate housing should be afforded to every Bermudian, not some select few.

[Dr.Brown] accused Shadow Health Minister Louise Jackson of “a campaign rooted in misinformation, skulduggery and outright lies” over the Medical Clinic during a speech in Parliament.

“This Government would never embark on the closure of a medical service to the detriment of the people,” he said. “When we are talking about closing this clinic, the ultimate plan — and it will be delivered — is to give people superior healthcare.”

Here’s Bermuda speaking directly to you Dr. Brown:  put your money where your mouth is.  Give us the ‘ultimate plan’ in an tangible form that we can see and decide for ourselves.   Show us the evidence and reasoning behind why and how it will provide superior healthcare.  If you can’t Ms. Jackson may well be right when she claims that “[Dr. Brown is] making it up as he goes along”.  What are the reasons, what is the justification, how will this make things better? 

Back up your arguments with evidence and facts, not hearsay, racial accusations and condemnation of the Opposition for actually opposing something.

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Ewart Brown has mentioned that there are 6 doctors who will be willing to treat the patients from the clinic. Does anyone know to which doctors he is referring?

Denis Pitcher

The other questions that spring to mind is how much will these Doctors be charging, who is fronting the costs and how do these costs compare to the existing clinic?


From what I understand, the Government will be paying the costs for patient care and, according to Ewart Brown, the patients will still be ferried to and from their appointments. It would appear that this could potentially be more expensive for the Bermuda Tax Payer but that is pure speculation. However, when I tried, fairly recently, to switch my adult children from their Paediatrician’s practice to a general practice it was difficult to find a doctor, because most of them already have full patient lists. I think what most people find offensive is the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude… Read more »

Denis Pitcher

Very odd.
There are now three articles with two different headlines headlines “Brown Fires Back Over Clinic” and “Brown blats Jackson” over two different dates (March 12th and 12th) which point to the same content article. The original article I referenced above’s content is one that has been replaced.
I wonder if it’s a problem with the gazette’s website.