Can the milkman deliver?

There’s an interesting article in the paper today suggesting a potential bid to replace Wayne Furbert as leader.  While I find Mr. Furbert to be a very honourable, honest and likeable guy, his performance as leader unfortunately hasn’t reflected as much hope in the polls as many UBP supporters would have liked.

With an election that’s just around the corner it is definitely a make it or break it time for the UBP.  Do they stick it out with Mr. Furbert and his low performance in the polls or do they change horses very late in the race?  Thus far, Premier Brown has had a running start at leadership and many of the plans he’s been putting into place are swinging into motion.  While not everyone would agree with all of Dr. Brown’s plans, he is proving to be a man of action, something which was much needed in the PLP leadership after the lack of action seen by former Premier Scott.

Given that the opposition has no actual portfolios, it is less easy to judge them on their performance aside from polls of  public perception, which have not climbed in quite some time.  Given the unfortunately poor perception of Mr. Furbert in the leadership seat it would come as little surprise to see a new leader rise to enter the fray.

The question though is who could replace Furbert in leadership?  Though it is unfortunate to say so, does the UBP need a black leader to win the next election?  Could the Bermudian people really be that racially biased?   The color of Wayne’s skin ultimately proved to not be a heavy factor in gaining anything but early support in the polls.  Thus it is questionable as to whether or not it is necessary for any leader set to replace him would need to be black in order to win the support of the people.

Who is the next best candidate to lead the UBP should the bid be more then a rumor?  Deputy opposition leader at present is Michael Dunkley and as such he’d be a likely candidate as a successor in the least because of his present standing and no doubt there are other potentials waiting in the wings.  If it were Mr. Dunkley, would the color of his skin matter in his ability to win support of the people?  Would we dive into another racially based election where attacks are made on the UBP because it has a white leader?  Or, by contrast, would the next election be one based purely on the issues?  I suppose if Mr. Dunkley were to be the ultimate successor, the only reasonable question to be asked is: can the milkman deliver?

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