Commendations in order

I’d like to take a moment to bring attention to the quietly launched PLP blog for it’s Youth Wing.  It is tremendous to see the PLP embracing such technology while some members condemn it.  None the less, I am pleased to see the progress in terms of some actual new faces in the blogosphere and extend a welcome to the PLP youth wing and commend their achievement.

I do wish the blog site was more open as at present I have to log in to be able to make posts and the confirmation email is slowcoming.

I also wonder about the .bm domain name.  A year ago when I was fighting hard to get a .bm domain for my own efforts, I was denied at every turn by our domain registrar.  Every time I turned up I would be handed a different and growing list of requirements.  What I was told I needed on the first visit changed when I appeared the second time with what was asked of me, just as it changed the 3rd, 4th and 5th visits.  No matter what I did it became clear that government was not interested in allowing me to have a domain name for my stated purpose, which is a solid part of the reason why I have chosen to establish a .com domain hosted off island and speak out against suppression of freedom of speech.

I hope that with this new PLP blog comments that go against the grain will not immediately be banned simply because they fail to follow the desired opinion of the bloggers themselves.  If I had the access now there are already some things I would like to say on the site.  It shall be an interesting test to see how open the PLP will be to a devil’s advocate approach to debating some of the issues the Progressive Minds group has decided to discuss.

We’ll see how open to freedom of speech the PLP really is as I’ll be certain to reference or copy any comments I make onto my own blog.

Brief update:  my account has now been activated and my posts are under the username ‘Denis_bda’.

I have to continue my applause at this initative as I’ve also discovered that the youth wing is opening the site up to allow others to have blogs as well.  I can’t describe how pleased I am to see more young Bermudians gaining their own voices in our community.  It is only through open discussion and collaboration that we shall truly see our island rise to be the greatest place to live on the planet.

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