Southlands is going to look like this???

What do you think?  Does the proposed Southlands project look very ‘Bermudian’ to you?

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3 thoughts on “Southlands is going to look like this???

  1. Giving away this amount of Bermuda, to be artificially coated, relatively must be like giving away a large American state to a foreign interest.
    One might wonder what would happen with this property’s insurance after the first big blow. Since Emily, Bermuda has experienced a major south shore tidal surge on average every four to five years. I think this may mean, Bermuda is due one soon. This summer or next.
    If this property were in future be deemed uninsurable, we would be left with a destroyed landscape. The profiteers would have already taken their pound of flesh, gutted from the side of Bermuda.
    On a lighter note, kind Denis, the whole thing looks like a whacked out cruise ship has lodged itself into the Island. What a target.
    Fast Eddy

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