Southlands on Facebook

One of the most interesting things about the BEST forum tonight was mentioned by two of the speakers, who happened to be girls in highschool.  They made mention of a group of nearly 500 people who had joined a group in opposition to the Southlands Project on the popular social networking website called Facebook.

The group features some 473 members at present, lists some 22 reasons of opposition to southlands, recent news, links,
photos, a bulliten board and a discussion board.  What many may not realize is that this is a clear cut example of what the future for younger generations will hold as these sort of resources begin to become prominant tools for empowering technologically capable individuals.

In today’s Bermuda, individuals are not privy to a great deal of information and are required to go to great lengths to become informed and express their opinion.  Tomorrow’s Bermuda is perfectly demonstrated by this website dedicated to the Southlands project which shows how the youth are becomming more and more connected with the world and the issues that surround them.  More so than any who have come before them.

Any indivdual is free to sign up to this website and use it as a means to not only track their friendships, but also share contacts and trace friendships back to those you once had lost.  Beyond this, the technology has also evolved to provide an advanced online meeting place for individuals to share ideas and express themselves on anything of interest.

In the future we will only see more of these kinds of technology rise into prominance.  Like it or not, the face of Bermudian politics and politics globally is guaranteed to change as the youth and other technologically enabled individuals become more connected and more aware of the world that surrounds them.  Freedom of speech and participatory democracy are soon to take on whole new meanings as we transition into the age where the younger generation has a true voice. 

If not for the coming election, expect that by the time the next one rolls around, the young generation will have amassed a voice unlike anything that has ever been encountered before.  A force and movement of organization behind the people to be reckoned with.  It is becomming clear that the future will guarantee greater access to information for all and a greater ability to express oneself, share ideas and have an opinion, regardless of how things were done in the past.

The only question is, how will our system of leadership adapt?

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