Succumbing to the tribulations of Bermuda politics

Recently I had the opportunity to have a discussion with a friend of mine who chastised me for my recent criticisms of the PLP and their efforts.  Rightly he pointed out that I should be focusing my efforts on offering constructive ideas and suggestions rather then focusing on negative aspects which originally was my intent and goal when I returned to the island a year and a half ago.  Quite unfortunately, I have succumbed to the same frustration that affects many who truly care about this island and have a hard time seeing the positive change they’d truly like to see.  Sometimes we forget that on both sides of the political spectrum and even the sidelines there are people who are dedicated to seeing that same kind of positive change.

My friend and I concluded that one source of frustration is that communication between the executive branch and the people they represent has always been difficult.  This has been no exception in my own case.  Despite my best attempts to be an informed citizen who is educated on the issues and what is being done to solve them, often times I find myself left in the dark and I feel others share my plight.  The recent issue with the medical clinic was no exception, where I found myself lost and frustrated when Dr. Brown suggested that there is a plan but ultimately I could not find it.  His comments accusing Ms. Jackson of “a campaign rooted in misinformation, skulduggery and outright lies” only frustrated me further for if her’s is such a dastardly campaign, where does one go to get the right information and to correctly be informed?

Ultimately it is my greatest wish to see more communication between our government and our people.  I applaud the PLP and their move to setup a youth blog site and hope it is the first step of many.  It would be tremendous to see our government post more information more regularly so that it is easier to understand what our parlimentarians are working so hard to achieve.  Knowing the answers to the question of why something is being done is tremendously helpful in attaining our support for it is very difficult to follow our present government blindly after 30+ years of giving one government free reign which ultimately was abused.

I hope that some members of our government shall read this and be inspired to spread the word more, to make more of an attempt to disseminate information out into the hands of the people.  It would be tremendous to see the plans for our country posted in an accessible location with explanations of why and how we’re going to be better off because of them and even further, to be willing to accept constructive comments on how the ideas could be made even strong.  To see such things would be a momentous occasion of pride for our people and in the very least for this writer.

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3 thoughts on “Succumbing to the tribulations of Bermuda politics

  1. but its not really your obligation to find the positives or come up with solutions. Bu definition a gove is supposed to do that and the opposition is supposed to highlight the weakness. If the opposition can’t make anything stick, then the gove has done something right.
    Additionally, its not as though you are a malicious blogger. You give credit where credit is due to the PLP and rightly question them over what you see as shortcomings.

  2. How do you think the BIU-PLP will coexist,once this concrete mausoleum is built on the Southlands under their new Arab masters in Dubai?
    This govt. nor their tribe read blogs, too busy traveling ,wasting our money and crowing about themselves.The sooner they are thrown out the better,or we will all be chickens scavenging for crumbs .

  3. Denis – I appluad your intentions, and wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. What worries me is that I doubt very much those highest up in the government at the moment have the same altruistic tendencies.
    Coming up with solutions is absolutely what we should aspire to. However the government du jour is not exactly encouraging ideas are they? If anything it seems its the Doc’s way or the highway, which is why it’s all so disheartening.
    I hope for change, but it’s not going to happen, so we better work out how to keep Bermuda going under another 5 years of the good Doctor!

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