Who’s the real monster?

The unelected Col. Burch has come out to suggest that he did not refer to the people living in Club Med as Monsters despite the earlier quote in the article Burch: You should be arrested

The Senator also appeared to call some of the residents “monsters”, telling Sen. Spence-Farmer: “If you ever expect to govern those very same people you have turned into thinking Government will be my mamma, my nanny and change my diapers and do everything for me will be the same monsters that we are having to deal with today.”

Here’s what Burch suggests he actually said.

He alleged he had in fact said Sen. Spence-Farmer had “created a monster” by encouraging Club Med residents to break the law. During yesterday’s Motion to Adjourn, Sen. Burch said: “I’m a little annoyed when people who sit across this table go out and rewrite the truth.

“You encourage people to break the law, you are creating a monster — I’m not calling anybody a monster.

Here’s the deal.  If Burch truly wants people to believe that he said "created a monster" then bring forth the evidence.  He should acquire and publish audio or video recorded accounts from the senate sessions that support his revised correction to prove his case.  If it were even possible, I’d download the audio and clip the segment myself but surprise, surprise, audio and video recordings of senate sessions are not easily accessible if they even exist.

If there is no actual evidence, then this simply comes down to a his word versus hers.  For all those ready to jump up and down claiming the media distorts the truth, well, the reality is that if the PLP is unwilling to publicly broadcast, distribute and make readily available for download, copies of senate and parliamentary sessions, then quite frankly the distortion is well-deserved.

Ultimately for Col. Burch, it doesn’t matter what he said for it is well known that actions speak louder then words.  His treatment of those in Club Med and the Leopards Club is appalling, sickening and a latent wake up call for any who think the PLP is a ‘people’s party’ for quite simply Col. Burch was never appointed by the people to lead the W&E Ministry in the first place and yet still retains the support of the party through his continuing appointment.

It is evidently clear who the real monster is and considering that it is highly unlikely that given all of the other past history that has deemed him the title of a ‘PR trainwreck in slow motion’ that he will be dismissed for his irreprehensible conduct.

I hope those members of the PLP who sit back and allow this sort of ridiculousness to happen realize that through their inaction they make the PLP appear like it itself is comprised of monsters for condoning and supporting such actions by someone who was never elected by the people in the first place.

Update:  A friend has pointed out that I give the impression that Col. Burch should have to back up anything he says with evidence when, as my friend correctly points out, this truly should be the duty of the media instead. 

Much of what I was trying to suggest is that we should have more public access to recordings of parlimentary and senate sessions downloadable via a government website.  This would make it easier for me to support Burch’s claims that he said "created a monster" as opposed to calling people monsters.  Unfortunately given that the media is the only reasonably attainable source for details on what is said on parlimentary and senate sessions, I have to assume that they are correct unless I can more easily gain access to the actual recordings myself so that I can prove that the media is unreliable and distorts the truth.

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1 thought on “Who’s the real monster?

  1. It’s funny (well not really) to hear Col. Burch accuse Sen. Spence-Farmer about not declaring her interest in the debates about Corrections and the Canadian Hotel, when I’m sure there are people on the PLP side who may have vested interest in other initiatives going on…
    I wonder if any PLP politicians have a vested interest in:
    – Southlands Development (be in through the construction company or others)
    – these housing developments to take place in Southside
    – the closing of the Clinic
    – in why Club Med has been sitting idle
    do any others come to mind?

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