Crackdown on poker: It must be "A victory for god"

Absurdity, n.: A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one’s own opinion. 

— Ambrose Bierce

Every few months the same controversial topics rotate back into discussion.  Should it then come as a surprise that gambling has been thrown back into the limelight?  Is it not absurd that whenever it comes to gambling church groups rise up in a frenzy to combat the practice with a passion all while condoning their own style of gambling?  Will we see this practice repeat with poker as it did with the video machines?

In a true and just society where ideals reign king, our politicians would stand up against such hypocracy rather then bend so readily to the will of one oppressive group who chooses to impose their beliefs on others.  Why is it right for churches to be allowed to continue their practice of bingo while they condemn the practice of gambling by others?  If the police are sending out warnings to liquor establishments, should they not also be sending the same warnings to churches?

Aburdity indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Crackdown on poker: It must be "A victory for god"

  1. Heh, I was considering the “victory for God” line myself.
    Mind you we haven’t heard an official line fron Ubf, but we’ve had this come up before with gaming machines as you mentioned.
    Maybe government will address things but I suppose it won’t be discussed after the elections and the church lobby settles back.

  2. Now that we are in a preelection mode the churches will rule with an iron fist showing no mercy on “sinners”.
    If the PLP wins expext Ewart to kick God to the curb and make way for Bermuda’s first Casino(imagine that kickback!!)
    we are a joke to the civilized world.
    I for one am in favor of gambling but it won’t happen until the right people get there cut first.

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