Traffic solutions continued

Last week I wrote about the potential to create a toll for entry into Hamilton that would be charged via the planned wireless devices being placed into license plates.  If you’re going to create negative incentives for entry by car into town, you should alternatively create positive incentives to make it easier for people to choose alternatives.  In order to do so, would it be possible to expand further on the idea to better enable and encourage people to use the bus system as a means of getting into town.

Right now there are at least a few of reasons why many don’t use the bus system to get into work.  The proposal of making public transport free in the coming year is good, but it won’t encourage everyone.  For example, public transportation is already free for me as I am a conscript of the Bermuda Regiment, yet I still don’t take the bus.  Why?

Why don’t you take the bus?  Is it accessible enough for you?  If you live in St. Davids you know for one that buses don’t run after 6:30 and likely you may also have to walk a ways to get to a busstop as busses don’t travel on anything but main routes.  A walk which, when you have things to carry, can be a real pain.  Do you even have a good understanding of where and when the busses run?  Is such information readily available and posted at every bus stop to help keep you informed on alternatives?

There is encouragement from government for entrepreneurs to run minibus services, yet where are they?  How do I find them and how much do they cost?   Are they running consistantly in areas where I can call to be picked up and shuttled to a depot where I can catch a bus or ferry?

Are there any express busses?  Those that run without stops from depot points that allow for a faster trip into town?  With shuttles acting as feeders to bring the people from their homes to the depots so they can take express rides into work?

If a better combination were used would it encourage more to take public transport?  If there indeed was a toll for entry into Hamilton would it encourage more people to consider use of an improved public transportation system?  Would this work in conjunction with other solutions to solve our traffic woes?

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