What kind of country are we becomming?

Is it concerning to anyone that our Premier feels our country has become so unsafe that he needs a personal police escort and security fencing around his property?  It isn’t like we’ve got Al-Qaeda lurking in wait to assassinate our Premier, so what exactly is so concerning to warrant such increases in security?

The Premier has his protection from ‘mentally ill’ people who could slice him up with box cutters, but what of us common people?  Who is going to protect us?  Is the Premier getting security an indication of just how unsafe Bermuda has become?  Should we all look to put up fencing around our properties, bars on our windows and stay in our homes after dark?

Are these signs of the Bermuda we live in today?  If our Premier feels unsafe among our small population of 60,000, how should we feel?  Do you feel safe?  Is Bermuda no longer what it used to be?

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J Starling
J Starling

I really truly do not have a problem with the Premier having a plains-clothe police officer (that was recommended not requested by the police), especially in light of past events, and furthermore it seems to be a rational perfection of the existing system (might I ask, does the Governor not have security at Government House, and is he not accompanied by an ADC who is in charge of security and protection of the Governor, and I bet he even has a British MI security personnel as well). I do think that Col. Burch is just being silly in not revealing… Read more »

Denis Pitcher

As long as the Premier is paying for the fencing at his private residence I have no direct issues with it. He can either live in the supplied residence or pay for his own repairs and upgrades to his own private residence and live in it. However I do have concerns as to what these changes imply about the state of the nation when such actions are deemed necessary when they were not in the past. The governor having security is more understandable considering that the Bermudian people murdered a governor in our past. We have no history of having… Read more »

J Starling
J Starling

I also have no problem with the fence if it is coming out of his own finances, however if that is the case then the planning process should not be ‘expedited.’ As for the precedent of the Governor, firstly I think you will find that the then Premier (when the Governor was assasinated) was also on the hit list. I do not believe that the Premier is ‘hated’ to the point that there is a large plot to assasinate him. If anything you will find that the Premier is largely quite popular. Do I think that there are some crazy… Read more »

J Starling

Denis, I found this report and thought it was exceptionally relevant to the case in hand, or rather the airport incident. The essential part, relevant to our situation, is that it says that about a quarter of assasins fall into the category of having a mental illness, with about two thirds of intercepted assasins falling into this category, that two thirds of assasins have previous convictions (such as for assualt) and just under half had experienced severe depression. I think that the description is a pretty good fit for the airport incident, and I’m of the opinion that this report… Read more »