You may be ‘mentally ill’ if you love the Premier

Ok, so I’ve got to laugh over the “security incident” published in Monday’s Bermuda Sun

“a man walked straight up to … shake the Premier’s hand and tell him he loved him”

“Dr. Brown appeared unshaken by the incident, describing the man as ‘mentally ill’.”

I still cannot comprehend why the Premier believes he is in need of a bodyguard.  When your threats consist of a drunk at the cabinet building and a man in possession of a concealed weapon box cutter, I simply don’t see how it is warranted.  There may be little doubt that there are people who don’t like the Premier, but really, I don’t see him being hated so much that his life is in danger so much so that he needs a personal bodyguard.

One can only wonder what may happen to poor Johnny Barnes if he happens to blow kisses and proclaim love for the Premier as he and his entourage drive past.   It’d be a terrible shame to see him arrested and detained as a percieved threat to national security.

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4 thoughts on “You may be ‘mentally ill’ if you love the Premier

  1. Alex I think your comment is way over the top.You seem to be drawing a line from the Govenor’s murder and Dr.Browne’s social activism. You cannnot link him to that tragic event without proof….You are simply being dishonest.

  2. I’d have to agree with ^..^, without substanciated evidence it is best to not make such claims as it tarnishes your own credibility and puts undue representation upon the Premier.

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