A drink for the road?

Bacardi recently announced that it will be sponsoring a late night mini bus service on weekends to far ends of the island to discourage drinking and driving.  Personally, I believe this is a tremendous idea and it is something I have believed should be done for some time.

I am absolutely disgusted however that taxi drivers are talking about boycotting Bacardi.  First off they’re targeting a very well meaning initative to decrease accidents on our roads.  Second, catching a taxi at 3 in the morning on front street is near impossible and one grows a severe dislike for taxi drivers who refuse to take you if they find out you want to go to St. Davids.  Third, taxi’s to the far ends of the islands are rediculusly expensive and finally, it would be nice if they actually showed up when you tried to arrange one.   For the most part, my experiences with taxi’s in Bermuda late at night has severely turned me off of even considering them and I applaud Bacardi’s initative.

Typically I’m not a fan of white rum however Bacardi can count one more person who will be buying a bottle of their liquor as an attempt to reward their great initative and counteract the rediculous greed expressed by taxi drivers. 

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