The Premier… on facebook???

Quite surprised to find a facebook friend request from, of all people, our Premier.  While I’m not sure whether to take it seriously or not, I’d have to say that if it really is him then I must say bravo Mr. Premier.  If not, then will the real slim shady Dr. Brown, please stand up.

Seriously though, it wouldn’t be impossible for Dr. Brown to have setup a facebook profile as it would be a tremendous move for connecting with the disillusioned youth.  Social networking sites for politicial campaigning?  Well, if it’s good enough for US Presidential Candidates  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, then why not our Premier?

A quick search of other PLP MPs turns up nothing, which adds to the disappointing thought that perhaps Dr. Browns profile isn’t legit.  Surprisingly, while a quick search of Michael Dunkley didn’t turn up with anything, UBP MP Jon Brunson appears to have been bitten by the facebook bug.

Perhaps, I’m hoping, this is the start of a new era in politics.  One where Bermudian politicians take to the internet to bring better communication and collaboration between our leaders and our people.

Note:  you’ll actually have to join facebook to see the profiles of these politicians.

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5 thoughts on “The Premier… on facebook???

  1. Michael Dunkley has a page now too!
    Hmmm… Ewart Brown didn’t try to add me…

  2. Michael Dunkley does not sleep. He waits.

    UBP MP Michael Dunkley Actor ChuckNorris
    Facebook is taking over Bermuda.
    Admittedly, Ive become quite addicted to it. I find it a neat way to stay in touch with friends and I&…

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