Upping the ante

Over on fellow Bermudian blog site BravoZulu.bm, the question of whether Bermuda’s blogging scene has officially jumped the shark was posed with the entry of the PLP’s into the blogging scene.   Personally, I am pleased to see more online media and discussion happening amongst Bermudians as hopefully it will do more to encourage and develop a sense of freedom of speech and growing participation in our political environment.

Adjustah of BravoZulu.bm does have a point with the growing number of blogs that have taken the trend from being something that a small group of dedicated individuals undertook to one that is beginning to reach the masses.  So, as one individual who won’t be outdone I’ve decided that perhaps it is time to up the ante a bit and see how far we can go with online media.  The result?  The beginning of amateur video based commentary along with typical written media.

My first entry?  Taken shortly after purchasing my new camera while off-island on training, let’s ask the question of why a free medical clinic creates a “culture of entitlement” when free transportation does not?

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1 thought on “Upping the ante

  1. they are very two faced,about their entitlements:
    MP salary boost of 80%,monthly travel budget of $100,000,000
    Brown has added roughly $460,000 in salary costs alone to his entourage (Chief of Staff, $100,000; Press secretary $100,000, consultant $80,000; Cabinet Secretary $100,000-plus, Policeman $80,000).
    they have looted the treasury and stashed our money in mansions in south america, and the caribean,where they will retire millionaires off the sweat of our backs.

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