Bermuda is beginning to make international press

Is this a good thing for our reputation as a stable political environment?


In Austria:

Bermuda’s top safety official calls for Britain to give up control over police

«This ridiculous arrangement has outlived its usefulness,»


In Jamaica:

Bermudan Governor stripped of constitutional powers

Bermuda’s Public Safety Minister David Burch Wednesday called on Governor Sir John Vereker to relinquish his constitutional powers over the police and delegate them to the Bermuda government.

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown has threatened to suspend all dealings with Sir John if he failed to fully investigate who leaked the confidential documents to the Mid-Ocean News and the Bermuda Broadcasting Company, whose offices were raided by police on Monday.

The documents reportedly revealed that Mr. Brown, former premier Jennifer Smith and former ministers Nelson Bascome, Reneé Webb and Arthur Hodgson were all investigated by fraud squad officers probing the BHC allegations.


Caribbean News:

CEO says police raid is a “threat to freedom of information”

The chief executive of Bermuda’s main broadcasting company has said he views a raid earlier this week by police as unacceptable and a threat to journalists and the principle of freedom of information.



Bermuda’s top safety official calls for Britain to give up control over police

HAMILTON, Bermuda: Bermuda’s top public safety official formally requested that the British territory’s London-appointed governor relinquish power over the police department to the local government.

Speaking in the Senate on Wednesday, Public Safety Minister David Burch said he wrote to Gov. John Vereker asking him to give up oversight of the Bermuda Police Service on the tiny island of 66,000 people.

“This ridiculous arrangement has outlived its usefulness,” Burch was quoted as saying in the Royal Gazette newspaper, adding he was unable to put more officers on patrol or ensure that crimes were investigated promptly under the arrangement.


Britain’s oldest colony in crisis as government threatens to suspend relations with UK

Britain’s oldest colony was in the grip of a constitutional crisis after the Government of Bermuda threatened to suspend all dealings with the island’s London-appointed Governor and demanded he delegate his police powers to local ministers.

Premier Ewart Brown – who, like Gordon Brown, was elected leader of his governing party but has not yet received a popular mandate as the island’s leader – threatened on Friday to halt co-operation with Sir John Vereker, the Governor appointed by the Queen.


Governor faces revolt on paradise isle

“I take this opportunity to again call upon the Governor to discharge the responsibility of his office, by taking swift and meaningful action against the perpetrators of this nefarious scheme,” Dr Brown said in a statement read out on Bermu-dan television and radio. “He must see this as his obligation. Should he fail to do this, the constitutionally elected Government of Bermuda will lose confidence in the current Governor. In that event, we will have no choice but to suspend further business with him.”

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