BHC scandal gets crazier

Things I don’t get while reading “Premier attacks justice system”:

  1. It’s ‘It’s demeaning, embarrassing and insulting’ for the Premier to be accused of corruption tied to the BHC Scandal but it’s not demeaning in the slightest for the Premier to accuse the Opposition of electioneering  and scandalization with absolutely no evidence to support it?
  2. If Premier Brown was ‘exonerated’ by the investigation, than would that fact not be clearly demonstrated by the evidence contained in the unreleased portions of the BHC investigation?  If so, why is the Premier unwilling to release these portions to the public to prove his innocence?
  3. Why is it a “disappointing day for all Bermuda’s innocent citizens” when “confidential documents related to Police investigations are fit to print” but it is not disappointing when any individual can be arrested and detained without being charged?
  4. “The ruling seems grossly unfair and is a devastating blow to public confidence in the Police.” 

    Wait, the potential of being arrested at any time without charge isn’t a devastating blow to public confidence in the Police?

  5. “The court was asked to adjudicate on the prevention of public access to stolen official documents in a despicable political plot in which lies, half truth and innuendoes had been thoroughly investigated.” 

    Remember the Public Access to Information Legislation promised by the PLP?   Where is it?  Shouldn’t we have had public access to the conclusions of this four year old investigation of a public entity?

  6. “The Chief Justice’s ruling and the ruling today legitimates the publication of any and all allegations lodged with law enforcement agencies, whether factual or not, whether in execution of conspiracies to commit public mischief or not.” 

    Does it not also legitimize the publication of their conclusions or dare I say ‘exonerations’ to such allegations?

  7. The Premier’s spokesman said in his statement yesterday: “As Premier Brown has stated publicly, he is not overly concerned with protecting the information relating to him because he has been exhaustively investigated and fully exonerated in a probe conducted by the Bermuda Police Service, Scotland Yard and US Homeland Security.

    Put your money where your mouth is.  If the information exonerates Premier Brown publish it so we can all see that the allegations are false and untrue.  If they indeed are, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, unless indeed someone is guilty and being protected by taking the time required to modify the documents.

  8. John Barritt states “The United Bermuda Party would like the people to take note of the extraordinary lengths Government is going to in this matter, at extraordinary costs. Whose interests are they advancing now?” he asked, estimating the legal fees will head into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Who exactly is paying for all this?  How much more money is being taken from the public purse than already has?

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