The glaring question

There is one key glaring point that stands out about the Son of the Soil email that makes me skeptical:

If the Bermuda Housing Corporation report named multiple people, specifically members of parliament and prominant citizens, as having been the target of allegations, why then is it that every single one of the 22 points made in the Son of the Soil email are specifically targeted at Premier Brown?

This stands out and makes me wonder.

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4 thoughts on “The glaring question

  1. Oh there probably is an axe to grind. The best way to see is to let the sun shine in and remove the gag order.

  2. That half of the email appears to be a copy of a letter sent to the media in response to the public statements of some of those named in the dossier. I don’t doubt that this person has a beef with the Premier in particular but I don’t see anything unusual about the 22 points. They are in direct response to Dr. Brown’s public address and refute his assertion that the dossier exonerated him. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they all refer to him. Later in the letter he also addresses something said by El James in the media. Of course, none of that changes the fact that this could easily be a hoax. I guess we will only know if someone does actually turn themselves in to the police.

  3. Glad you hit upon this. I think the person has a personal axe to grind as well. Could be a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. End point however is that the right thing is being done as I’m a “Ends justifies the means kind of person” to a certain extent.

  4. axe to grind?
    now they have raided the independant auditor
    WTF wake up!

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