‘They’ who?

I found this exerpt of a recent article in the gazette quite interesting.

During the radio interview, Dr. Brown told Mr. Dill investigators never questioned him over allegations against him: “Therefore I was exonerated and to call on me now to answer each and every allegation, I think is a bit preposterous,” he said, adding later: “In most civilised societies, we just don’t expose the contents of Police files. Having said that, I want to repeat — they can reveal anything they have in the file about me personally. I know that we are totally in the clear and have been exonerated after an investigation that apparently included Scotland Yard, the FBI and Homeland Security, so there was no issue there.”

Personally, I would like to know what the police file says specifically the conclusions made with regards to the alleged allegations including evidence to support or deny such claims.

Who does Premier Brown mean by “they”?  Who do I need to talk to in order to attain such data so that we can determine the truth?  Clearly the paper is not allowed to publish it so is this a suggestion by Premier Brown that the police themselves are now free to release these details to the public?  If so, where can I attain them?  Hopefully their release will put this matter behind us and we can get back to putting our country on the right track.

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