This just in.  Through the magic of youtube here is a clip from the Collie Buddz concert of the reaction to Premier Brown on stage. 


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Holiday envy

“Holidays have become the new Rolex or Porsche, a status symbol used to impress friends, family and colleagues.” said Paul Birkhead, senior manager of underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance, who was quoted in a new article in the Guardian.

According to the article,

Holiday envy is alive and well … with 12% admitting to being jealous of the places their friends visit, 8% of the meals they consume and 6% of the cars they drive.

Does this add more evidence as to why Bermuda should be an aiming to become an exclusive brand name with regards to tourism as I’ve written about previously in “Where there is no Starbucks”, “The Louis Vuitton of Tourism” and “Qualitative or quantitative”?

Bermuda simply doesn’t garner much envy when cruise visitors get a better deal than those air visitors who pay a lot more.

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Collie Buddz is bigger than Ewart

It is sometimes surprising that people forget that Bermuda is the equivalent of a small town, especially our Premier.  Collie Buddz is better known internationally than our Premier.  He isn’t just a Bermudian sensation, he’s becoming an international sensation with his name and his music being known all over.  The Premier’s apparent attempt to jump on his bandwagon by doing a cameo at his show isn’t anything that will garner support from the youth.  That kind of publicity works for Presidents who preside over hundreds of millions, but in a small town of 65000 you’d be more likely to see the local mayor buying a ticket and walking around amongst the people enjoying the concert sans bodyguards.

If the Premier wants to garner support from the youth, cameos are not where it’s at.  He would have gotten an incredible amount of support had he simply bought a ticket and wandered around, even with a bodyguard.  People would have been talking for days.  “Did you know the Premier like’s Collie Buddz?”  “Ya, I saw him walkin around at de concert, people wouldn’t even leave him alone to enjoy de show”.  Instead, what we’re probably going to hear for the next week is “Can you believe the Premier tried to ruin the Collie Buddz concert?”  “What was with the t-shirt?”

That little stunt may well have killed the youth vote.  I just wish Collie Buddz hadn’t said “fuck politics”.  Just because we’ve got a poor load of politicians today doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the future we’ll soon inherit because for all the Bermudians who don’t make it big, it’s all we have to look forward to.

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e-Government without the e

What exactly is the point of touting the greatness of e-Government if the government web portal is horribly outdated?

This is a question I asked myself as I passed a poster on the wall at Blackhorse tavern advertising bus service running until 8:45pm for St. David’s beginning in July 2006.  This seems coincidental as I’ve been complaining about the lack of reasonable evening bus service to St. David’s recently only to discover that the issue isn’t the bus service at all, it’s my source of information:  the e-Government portal.

Taking a look at the e-Government page for Route 6 to St. David’s it clearly showcases services stopping at approximately 6:30pm.

So, given that according to the poster the new changes to route #6 began back in July of 2006, what does that say about the e-Government portal in terms of being a reliable source of information?

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Collie Buddz doesn’t like your politics either

Just under a couple weeks ago the admin on the Progressive Minds blog bashed the UBP’s young united group for having attempted to claim some credit in helping to arrange a local Collie Buddz concert.

“That latest shameful attempt to campaign by the UBP (hop on the back of a Reggae Artist name Collie Buddz) has backfired in such a grand way. Seems that Mr. Colin Harper isn’t a fan of those Haterz over there in MilkWorld…”

So how funny is it that Premier Brown turned around to apparently make an appearance at the Collie Buddz concert to the sound of booing.  Did this shameful attempt to campaign by the PLP backfire in such a way that Collie Buddz was able to spin it against the PLP and the shameful nature of Bermuda politics in general?

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The sweet sound of silence

Highway Noise Isolating Barrier Walls

Ah the weekend.  The chirping of birds, the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind and the gradual revving of engines up and down as bikes race around the track over at Clearwater. 

Continuing my quest to find solutions to the issues of living in St. David’s brings me to those beloved racing bikes that disturb the tranquil peacefulness of the East End each weekend and the oft evening. 

Could such issues be solved in a similar way to how foreign cities have addressed the issues of highway noise through the installation of sound barriers

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St. David’s evening express

On Tuesday I wrote about a few of the issues St. David’s has had to deal with.  Among them I voiced frustration with how St. David’s has been handled both in recent years as well as the more distant past.  Even the Premier agrees that St. David’s won’t be an easy win which is primarily due to the fact that our needs haven’t been satisfied.  As I don’t wish to be someone who only complains and offer’s no solutions, I’ve decided to elaborate on what could be done to make things better.

One of the things I mentioned is that bus service is inadequate.  While we have morning express runs, we’re short on reasonable evening options.  Could the #3 route be extended later in the evening to match it’s morning service so that St. David’s gets better evening service?

Over the last couple days I’ve had the opportunity to catch the bus into town in the morning and get more familiar with St. David’s bus service.  

From the two experiences I had,  St. David’s has respectable morning service.  At 6:40am and 7:40am, the morning two routes terminate in Hamilton as they inherit the service along the number 3 line and run out to Bermudiana road.   My two experiences were on the 6:40am run which was full enough to fill the seats but not so full as anyone was left without one.  It is a quiet and somewhat pleasant ride where I’ve had the opportunity to get in some reading on the ride to work and still managed to turn up for an early morning meeting with time to spare.

While the I enjoyed the morning service, I was unable to find an evening service that meets my needs.  The only evening service that I found was on Route 11, Hamilton – St. Georges which offered a 5:25pm to St. David’s.  Seeing as I usually work until at least 5:30pm, this proved inadequate.

What makes this especially inadequate is that the last run into  St. David’s is at about 6:30pm or thereabouts for all routes.  This means that if you don’t catch a 5:30pm bus, it is likely you’ll be stuck at the number 1 gate.  So if you’re like me and you regularly work till about 5:30pm, you’re pretty much stuck without service to St. David’s, as it’s near impossible to leave work and get to a bus on time.

It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to offer a morning express via the #3 route while not offering it in the evening.  Could the #3 route be extended to run leaving Hamilton at 5:45pm and 6:45pm to run direct to St. David’s?  This would result in better evening service to St. David’s and a better option for those who arrive at number one gate too late to catch the last route #6 service to St. David’s.

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Why we need young politicians

Onion, of the New Onion blog writes:

“When I see 20 year old candidates, twentysomething Senators who live with their parents… it makes me go “hmm – how, exactly are they supposed to understand life?” (not to mention “how are they representing labour when they have never worked to support themselves?”)”

Personally I fail to see how 60+ year olds, generations removed, can understand what the life of a 20 year old today is like and this is why I believe we should have more young representatives.  Despite their lack of wisdom and experience, what young people do bring to the table is a different perspective, one significantly lacking in people who are more ‘set in their ways’, often the old ways.

In Bermuda, unless you come from a privelidged background, it is entirely unrealistic to live in a $3000 a month studio apartment and expect to get ahead in Bermuda. It comes at little surprise to me that many youth are forced to live at home up to later ages, especially aspiring politicians.

“There are no 30 year old Statesmen for a good reason. ”

Incorrect, many great politicians halved started young and kept going. There have been many successful young politicians who became great statesmen.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy happened to became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the age of 30.  William Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister of Britain at the age of 24.  According to USA today, as of 2004 there were more than 800 politicians from city council up to Congress under the age of 35

Of the 20 most recent American presidents, 12 won their first elected office before age 35.  Notably, Theodore Roosevelt was 24 when he won a New York State Assembly seat. Former President Bill Clinton was Arkansas attorney general at 30.

Young politicians think further into the future. They look ahead 20 or 50 years because they will still be alive then, it is their future they are planning for and are more concerned with the long term picture than simply the next election like many older politicians.

“That is at least one major reason why I won’t consider running in an election and also publish this blog generally anonymously – it’s going to be years before I can be sure that I have the integrity and experience necessary to be the most effective I can be in a world of conflicting opinions, different viewpoints, personality conflicts, and a generally shared long-term aim to do the best for Bermuda (with notable exceptions).”

Nothing personal Onion, but integrity is not speaking while hiding behind the curtain. Integrity is standing in front of the crowd willing to speak for and stand behind what you believe in. Experience is learning from the mistakes you make along the way.

Oscar Wilde may have once said it best “I’m not young enough to know everything”.  Allow me to continue his words by suggesting that we should not let the ignorance of our youth be a deterrent to changing our island for the better for we’re still young enough to believe that we can always do better.

If anything, we don’t have enough politicians under the age of 30.

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No respect left for Progressive Minds

I’ve written before about the fact that the Progressive Minds blog has begun showing signs of significant bias.  Despite their rules being stated as follows, I’ve noted that my posts are moderated and were often rejected though I only strived to make valid well thought out conversation points and did not violate any of their stated rules.

Blog Rules

The purpose of this site is to promote critical thinking, constructive dialogue and progressive solutions on issues which affect Bermuda and Bermudians. To accomplish this we encourage
1. The use of repsectful language
2. Respect for individuals, particularly blog members and members of the community

We will not tolerate:
1. Name calling
2. Profanity
3. Racial slurs
4. Personal attacks

Failure to comply may result in your removal from this blog.

Progressive minds blogger Vanz Chapman however has become notorious among the progressive minds blog readers I speak to as someone who can post unmoderated comments and often makes very racist, offensive and rediculous remarks such as “Why has limey and his cracker brigade infected the PLP blog” in June (though later modified to remove the work cracker) and now the following:

“something that most bdans have come to expect from the RG. but go ahead, do your thing. but considering that christian “hitler” dunleavy writes for the RG and who’s whole body of work both for his site and the RG seems to be one long angry white guy rant about how much he hates the bulk of black bda”  (emphasis added)

If that doesn’t classify as name calling, a personal attack and quite possibly a racial slur than I really don’t know what does.

I have officially lost all respect for the youth wing of the PLP and by that regard I have lost respect for the PLP itself for allowing such hypocrisy to occur.

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