Collie Buddz doesn’t like your politics either

Just under a couple weeks ago the admin on the Progressive Minds blog bashed the UBP’s young united group for having attempted to claim some credit in helping to arrange a local Collie Buddz concert.

“That latest shameful attempt to campaign by the UBP (hop on the back of a Reggae Artist name Collie Buddz) has backfired in such a grand way. Seems that Mr. Colin Harper isn’t a fan of those Haterz over there in MilkWorld…”

So how funny is it that Premier Brown turned around to apparently make an appearance at the Collie Buddz concert to the sound of booing.  Did this shameful attempt to campaign by the PLP backfire in such a way that Collie Buddz was able to spin it against the PLP and the shameful nature of Bermuda politics in general?

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2 thoughts on “Collie Buddz doesn’t like your politics either

  1. Not not was Ewart absolutely shameless, especially given the amount of prior publicity given to the fact that Collie Buddz wanted to steer well clear of politics, but he let Ewart know this, too, apparently. As Ewart went to skulk away into the night, Collie Buddz supposedly noticed this, and shouted, “”Hey E-wart…. F***k Politics”. Talk about getting your ass handed to you. Looks like Ewart’s attempt at helping the PLP’s image with the youth by ‘hanging with the kidz’ backfired spectacularly.

  2. Looking good on Dr. Brown too! Sad day for Bda – here we are a little dot in the middle of nowhere and yet, how sad we are as a people… when will we band togehter fot the good of our island home…
    The seeds of distruction were planted well, about six (6) years ago and I fear that soon, we will all reap the nasty taste of bitter fruit. “Nero nero, Rome is burning…!”

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