Collie Buddz is bigger than Ewart

It is sometimes surprising that people forget that Bermuda is the equivalent of a small town, especially our Premier.  Collie Buddz is better known internationally than our Premier.  He isn’t just a Bermudian sensation, he’s becoming an international sensation with his name and his music being known all over.  The Premier’s apparent attempt to jump on his bandwagon by doing a cameo at his show isn’t anything that will garner support from the youth.  That kind of publicity works for Presidents who preside over hundreds of millions, but in a small town of 65000 you’d be more likely to see the local mayor buying a ticket and walking around amongst the people enjoying the concert sans bodyguards.

If the Premier wants to garner support from the youth, cameos are not where it’s at.  He would have gotten an incredible amount of support had he simply bought a ticket and wandered around, even with a bodyguard.  People would have been talking for days.  “Did you know the Premier like’s Collie Buddz?”  “Ya, I saw him walkin around at de concert, people wouldn’t even leave him alone to enjoy de show”.  Instead, what we’re probably going to hear for the next week is “Can you believe the Premier tried to ruin the Collie Buddz concert?”  “What was with the t-shirt?”

That little stunt may well have killed the youth vote.  I just wish Collie Buddz hadn’t said “fuck politics”.  Just because we’ve got a poor load of politicians today doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the future we’ll soon inherit because for all the Bermudians who don’t make it big, it’s all we have to look forward to.

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