Constituency #3

St. David’s has gotten a pretty raw deal in recent years. 

  • We were originally the site chosen for the Airport and US Base, of which land was appropriated from St. David’s islanders so that it could be achieved. 
  • We may have had Agent Orange dumped sometime in the past. 
  • We constantly have to listen to airplanes take off and land
  • Since the base’s closure, we’ve become home to an unsightly and under-maintained boat yard that we have to pass every day that tarnishes the beauty of the east end.
  • Much of the old US base property has been allowed to become derelict and makes the area appear more run down.
  • Taxi service is abysmal
  • There is inadequate and poor lighting along the roads
  • We have to spend most evenings and weekends of a good part of the year listening to bikes race over by clearwater
  • St. David’s cricket club has become the host of concerts that play music so loud that there is no need for St. David’s islanders to buy tickets, let alone hope to sleep.

If the PLP really hopes to win 30 seats and have constituency #3 as one of them they’d better tell me what they’re going to do to about these issues.

Update:  I forgot to mention another one, no bus service after 6:30 pm

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1 thought on “Constituency #3

  1. the ‘thump thump’ NOISE every Friday and Saturday night from either Clearwater and or St. David’s C. Club is absolutely unacceptable – my mother has lived on the hill in Westend St. David’s for about 80 years and she is a PLP supporter, but this ‘Thump Thump’ may well give her pause to vote differently next election.
    Health and Safety: this constant annoying sound goes on till 3:00 and gives me a headach… I wonder how many other islanders feel the same???
    The bikes are not much better, but the annoying sound they usually ends at sunset.

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