e-Government without the e

What exactly is the point of touting the greatness of e-Government if the government web portal is horribly outdated?

This is a question I asked myself as I passed a poster on the wall at Blackhorse tavern advertising bus service running until 8:45pm for St. David’s beginning in July 2006.  This seems coincidental as I’ve been complaining about the lack of reasonable evening bus service to St. David’s recently only to discover that the issue isn’t the bus service at all, it’s my source of information:  the e-Government portal.

Taking a look at the e-Government page for Route 6 to St. David’s it clearly showcases services stopping at approximately 6:30pm.

So, given that according to the poster the new changes to route #6 began back in July of 2006, what does that say about the e-Government portal in terms of being a reliable source of information?

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