Empty promises no longer

In 1998 the PLP promised to update our antiquated corruption laws.  Some 9 years and a few scandals later, that promise has gone unfulfilled.  In 2003, the UBP also promised to update our antiquated corruption laws.  For 30 years they never deemed it necessary and only believed so when the PLP got into power. 

As Lord Acton once said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  What is clear of these past decades is that neither party is able to withstand the draw of power and the belief that they can somehow be absolved of corruption.  They will promise to end and prevent corruption only amongst their foes for they themselves are righteous and without fault.

Here we find ourselves approaching another election and once again our people will hear empty promises from both parties of fixing our corruption laws.  Regardless of what occurred in the past, the greatest tragedy is that Bermudians may well be deceived again because we will sooner divide against one another one party lines before we will unify to demand what is right.

Regardless of who you intend or don’t intend to support this election, every Bermudian should be demanding today that we see the necessary changes to our corruption laws to ensure that no government is again allowed to take advantage of our people. 

We need to stand together to demand that our government fixes our corruption laws before the next election.

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De Onion

I’ve got the PLP platform from 1998 and 2003 and will do a review if I have some time.
Regarding the anti-corruption legislation, I think it’s a bit of a misnomer to demand that first when we have a government hundreds of millions unaudited, terrible financial control, existing corruption legislation is being used to prosecute one MP, and our major corruption case apparently did not include questioning those implicated.
But yes, lots of empty promises.