Holiday envy

“Holidays have become the new Rolex or Porsche, a status symbol used to impress friends, family and colleagues.” said Paul Birkhead, senior manager of underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance, who was quoted in a new article in the Guardian.

According to the article,

Holiday envy is alive and well … with 12% admitting to being jealous of the places their friends visit, 8% of the meals they consume and 6% of the cars they drive.

Does this add more evidence as to why Bermuda should be an aiming to become an exclusive brand name with regards to tourism as I’ve written about previously in “Where there is no Starbucks”, “The Louis Vuitton of Tourism” and “Qualitative or quantitative”?

Bermuda simply doesn’t garner much envy when cruise visitors get a better deal than those air visitors who pay a lot more.

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