Never count on Bermuda taxis

The lesson of the day:  never count on Bermuda taxis.  While drivers are typically friendly and nice but when you need one they’re usually not there. 

Today my sister ordered a taxi for a flight she needed to catch.  Surprise, it never showed up.  Due to this inconvenience, I had to manage trying to fit her stuff on a bike so I could give her a ride in which is quite ridiculous.  What ever happened to the grand GPS scheme that was supposed to fix all our problems?  Years on and here we are, same problems, same unreliable service and hundreds of thousands spent on a system that did not work.

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4 thoughts on “Never count on Bermuda taxis

  1. Were you trying to call radio cabs? We’ve had nothing but trouble with them – virtually impossible to get a pickup… pre-arranged or not. Try 296-2121… sorry to say I forget the company name, but they’ve been great for the last 6 months or so we’ve been using them

  2. Personally I’ve tried 3 numbers over years and had tons of trouble with each. It’s not new.
    “Installation was mandatory. Turning them on is not.”
    Wait, so how would turning them on make it any different? Are they something more than glorified radios?

  3. …we have family who would have been pleased to take Snowflake to the airport…
    I am not the slightest surprised that the taxi did not show – all about attitude! The designated driver most likely figured it was too short a hop and was out looing for a better fare, and too hell with the customer having to catch a flight.
    We are doomed!

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