No class or professionalism.

Jamahl Simmons displays no class or professionalism in his switch back into the PLP.   Months ago when he left the UBP he launched scathing attacks and criticism on the party claiming that racism is the reasoning for why Erwin Adderley was chosen over him for his Pembroke West branch.  As I don’t recall him ever naming names many of the attacks came off as personal and unsubstantiated, though they could not be dismissed easily as there may have been truth to his words.

So now after a few months of being an independent he has spun around the rejoin the PLP all while launching scathing personal attacks on UBP chairman Shawn Crockwell.  Noone could claim Shawn Crockwell as perfect, however one should recognize that having paid his debt to society and worked hard to find means to rise above his faults to become an upstanding member of his society, he deserves respect without the resurrection of his past every time someone wants to take a cheap shot.  Apparently it is Jamahl’s implication that all criminals are forever guilty regardless of the time they spend in jail.  If that’s the case than perhaps he should take a look at the party he’s joining, for clearly it is not without it’s own rehabilitated individuals who deserve that same respect.

The only thing Jamahl’s latest attacks bring into question is the validity of his claims with regards to the UBP.  What he has done is made it ever more clear that he is more interested in personal vendettas than setting things right.  If Shawn Crockwell had truly proclaimed him lazy than the best rebuttal would have been to prove him wrong through action, not petty retorts lacking real substance.

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3 thoughts on “No class or professionalism.

  1. Dunkley is the leader in need of a personal security entourage not “Huey Newton” Brown.
    The Black Beret cadre tried to destroy this island in the 60s by instigating murders, riots,and burning Hamilton to the ground,40 years later, same crew, different dress code.
    Simmons personal attacks on chairman Shawn Crockwell,as if he is on higher moral ground, is more indicative of his shallow moral cowardice.

  2. I couldn’t help but share an opinion about the Jamahl Simmons saga. Why doesn’t he put his family and the country out of their misery and join the ABC and offer himself as a candidate in the next election? Only then will he complete the miserable, sorry, pitiful excuse for a political career that he has led. With zero political accomplishments other than accruing political frequent flyer miles, he will be no loss to the political scene. He could never accept that he actually had to work after getting elected. Further examples of a waste of public money to pay an elected official are hard to come by. In the true fashion of blaming others for his demise, he couldn’t resist a swipe at the man who will run under the UBP banner in his constituency. Simmons displayed so much vitriol in his attempt to crucify Shawn Crockwell, and in doing so, ironically offended thousands of males, black and white, who have gone on to lead highly productive lives after securing criminal convictions earlier in life. With his passionate hypocrisy he obviously forgot that his new-found political ally, Rolfe Commissiong, a convicted armed bank robber, actually ran for the PLP in Paget East in the 1990’s.

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