UBP catering to the Taxi industry, not the electorate

The UBP’s pledges to the taxi industry are intriguing to say the least.  By no means do I think that the taxi industry shouldn’t get it’s fair shake, but I hold little support for an industry who, as a whole, offers terrible service to my constituency.

It is bad enough that many taxi drivers balk at me when I tell them I’d like a ride to St. David’s, let alone the costs of nearly $30 or more to catch a taxi home after a night in town.  The prospect of a 5% increase, a review of “shared rides” and premium rates for late night hours just make it worse.

Where are the changes to the taxi industry that benefit the electorate?  I’m tired of having to call up a taxi company and give directions on where to go.  I’ve been to places like Toronto and London and taxi drivers there either know the city inside and out or they count on “real” GPS solutions.  It is absolutely ridiculous that one should have to give directions on a 21 square mile island.  I’m also tired of being told that I can’t be served because I live way out in the country, which here in Bermuda is not all that far.

What guarantees will the UBP give the people that the taxi service will improve?  Will they commit to doing random spot checks to ensure that taxi’s do pickups within a reasonable amount of time and serve all destinations?  Will there be fines and penalties implemented for those who refuse service?

According to the article in the Bermuda Sun: 

The “range of measures” that the Opposition UBP says it will bring in if elected comes two months after Mr. Dunkley held an open meeting with taxi drivers and a day after the Bermuda Sun reported that disgruntled taxi drivers are vowing not to drive PLP supporters to polling stations to vote as they did in the 1998 election.

This sounds allot like the UBP is pandering to the disgruntled taxi drivers to buy votes at a convenient time without providing a well thought out plan that will also assist the electorate.  Is it becomming increasingly apparent that it’s election season and suddenly politicians are waking up to realize they need to serve the voting community?

Mr. Dunkley, what will you be doing for St. David’s islanders and the rest of the electorate who are fed up with poor service?

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