A great piece

Dale Butler has written a really great piece in today’s Royal Gazette outlining a great many issues with our society that many struggle with to change.  I recommend the read and applaud Mr. Butler for writing it.

The power to change our situation here in Bermuda lies in the hands of all of us and only if we stop pointing the finger of blame and begin working together will we achieve true change.

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3 thoughts on “A great piece

  1. I concur – Mr. Butler is a great educator and humanist I think. His mussings in the Gazette are straight talk about topics that few want to hear… I could not agree more that it is time to stop blaming others, and get down to following the time proven formula for success that continues to guarantee very sweet fruit…
    LUCK! You spell it work! Enjoying the ‘good-life’ when young, with out the right stuff will ensure a very bitter harvest in those evening years.
    Good for Mr. Butler for having the guts, and the love of Bermuda to say what many of us keep thinking.

  2. Butler is a chameleon,he will use the race card when it suits him.There were some good points,but the message was smoke screen behind an agenda of self promotion.Watch for the pre-election parade of Black victims of victimization and entitlement trotted out by the PLP propaganda machine.
    As for his comment the “booming economy”: it is a “booming economy” for some, a cottage industry for race pimps commisiong,eva hodgson and the like, only for PLP politicians and PLP allies,his Italian employer and their armies of foreign workers, certainly not hotel-tourism and lower skilled service jobs that used to be abundant.
    Meanwhile, the cost and stress of living has multiplied exponentially.
    He says nothing about the lack of fathers and PLP moral leadership ,70% out-of-wedlock births,the abundance of scholarships and trainee programs that go begging for lack of applicants.

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