Non-mariner’s race – Bermuda

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Legere via the I survived Non-Mariners Raft Up 2007 group on facebook

It is hard to imagine that anywhere else in the world there could be a party much like the non-mariner’s race of Bermuda.  A day of fun in the sun, grabbing whatever you can throw together to stay afloat, possibly join in on the non-mariner’s race, attend a concert on the water and get your drink on.  Certainly a Bermy original.

This year’s non-mariner’s race was quite a great time.  Though our boat got off a bit later than planned, it was incredible to watch while we cruised in for no matter which direction you looked there were boats all converging on the same spot.  Though late, it couldn’t be said that we didn’t make an entrance as our boat swiftly maneuvered it’s way among many little boats to make it’s way to a prime spot in front of the stage.

Is there anywhere else in the world you’ll find a stage made out of a barge, surrounded by hundreds of boats and the pit area consisting of ridiculous numbers of people floating on inner-tubes, lie-lows, noodles, jet skis, small boats and just about anything that can float. 

Raft your boat up alongside another.  Grab a drink or two, throw yourself overboard and it’s a swim towards the stage as you watch numerous local acts up and playing, including our own home grown international sensation Collie Buddz. 

What a day.

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7 thoughts on “Non-mariner’s race – Bermuda

  1. That was a perfect opportunity to go for the Raft Up Record!! I have NEVER seen so many boats in Mangrove Bay!! The pictures I took do no justice…. does not show the magnitude at all…

  2. A great time was had by all, yet there the next morning was HOTT 107 carrying on that its a racist event.. What on earth is Thaoo on??? All sorts of people, with and without boats, swimming over from the public dock, from Boaz Island Gas Station, hanging out by the club and the beach. I just dont get it this time kids…

  3. I heard that show too. I sent Thaao a few of the pictures I took of the event… none were specifically of the crowd, but what you could see of the people on the land was in no means majority white. The comments were that some people had never heard of the event. The event is advertised EVERY YEAR and has never been restrictive on entries, participants or spectators.

  4. This event started before many of you were born. It was a result of just all people getting together and having a good day and a few rums.
    Now it has been turned into a political football. Well, with enough air a football will float for a long period. It will either die a death at sea covered with algie and barnacles or will wash ashore to the revel of those in need.

  5. I was there that year and have been for the past five and I have to agree that it is such an amazing fun party especialy if you have your own boat.

  6. This was thrown by the Volcanic guys – they threw by far the best parties on the island from Fright Night at Fort Hamilton, several raft ups at non mariners and Film Festival events. Unfortunately our island kept shutting them down and I think the guys just got fed up. Last I heard one of the promoters is now state side in NYC. When will this island invest in the young ideas that the people enjoy?

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