www.laws.gov.bm misses deadline

The following message is posted on the www.laws.gov.bm website:


Dear Valued Users,

Please be advised that the Bermuda Laws Online website (www.bermudalaws.bm) will be shut down until Tuesday 31st, 2007 so that necessary technical changes can be made. This interruption of service is a part of the Attorney-General’s ongoing commitment to you to provide fast, accurate and easy access to the Laws of Bermuda.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please contact the webmaster at helpdesk@gov.bm for any questions.

Assumedly Tuesday the 31st implies Tuesday the 31st of July, which has passed.  Hopefully the site will be back up soon.

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4 thoughts on “www.laws.gov.bm misses deadline

  1. Most of our fuel cost is shipping/tax. We can take a much larger increase in fuel price than virtually anywhere else in the world without a material impact in our standard of living. Not to mention that we have ample wind, solar, and tidal power that will become economically viable at very high fuel prices.
    In short – Bermuda will likely be in a much better position to deal with rising fuel prices than the rest of the world.

  2. Ooops… wrong post.
    Anyway – re: Peak Oil – it’s about #95 on the list of things that could cause material declines in standards of living on this island. In the event of a long-term secular economic decline caused by high energy costs Bermuda will be among the least affected. In addition, the time horizons are long enough that the discounted values are pretty tiny.

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