A run on the bank

art.rock.afp.gi.jpgThis can’t be a good sign for the overall markets.  CNN reports that savers at Northern Rock, one of the UK’s top five lending banks, have lined up for two days thus far attempting to empty their accounts after the Bank of England bailed them out due to issues with the credit crunch.

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1 thought on “A run on the bank

  1. Ha The banks here would not be able to handle that they can barely mange simple transactions
    They have manage to lose checks wire transfers and bankers drafts
    I think I may be running at a 50% success which is no better than chance that my money arrives where it should
    and tracking it down good luck with finding a member of staff who cares enough to put down their doughnut and even make an effort
    Yes you butterfield money market branch you know who I am referring to. What a bunch of hapless fools are you are to dare to call yourselves a bank is ludicrous.

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