A walk-in medical clinic?

Why is it that there are no walk-in clinics on the island?  If you’re ill or injured enough to warrant not waiting for an appointment with your doctor, but not so ill that you need to visit the emergency room, what do you do?

While kiteboarding this morning I landed badly on my side while jumping and injured my ribs.  So now I find myself in the predicament of figuring out what to do about it.  I’m uncertain as to whether I broke or dislocated a rib but I’m quite certain that there is pain when I move.  What do I do?

Considering my options I think there are really only two given that it’s a Saturday of a long weekend.  Those being to take a trip in to the hospital to get looked at by the emergency room or wait out the weekend and try to get an appointment with my doctor early next week.

Given my last experience with the hospital in a vaguely similar situation left me with a $200 bill, I’m reluctant to go there.  I’m also doubtful that there is much that can really be done aside from ensuring that I didn’t do any unseen damage to my spleen so I’m more than likely to just wait out the weekend.  That is unless there are any signs that things get worse.

This leads me to wonder why there isn’t a third option.  Why are there no clinics on the island where I can walk-in and be looked at that isn’t dedicated to “emergencies” and hopefully won’t cost me a fortune?

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